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Who we are
Finest was founded in 1991 by Italian Law 19/91. It is owned by a group of public entities such as Friuli Venezia Giulia (main shareholder) and Veneto regions and several private banks.
Finest is a financial company That hold hands with entrepreneurs who have a global vision.
Since Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 19-10-2010, in charge until the approval of the Financial Statement 2012-2013, to be released on 30-06-2013
Products and Services
Core business
Finest is not a common financial company: thanks to its core business products and to its advisory skills.
Privilege of subsidies by Italian Law 100/90
By participating in their business with Finest, the Italian investor con obtain the privilege of subsiedies offred by Italian law 100/90.
Economic cooperation
Finest promotes economic cooperation with Countries in East-Central Europe, The Balkans, Russia and the Community of Independent States, Northern Asia, The Baltic States and The Caucasus Region.
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