Intervention area
Who we are
Finest was founded in 1991 by Italian Law 19/91. It is owned by a group of public entities such as Friuli Venezia Giulia (main shareholder) and Veneto regions and several private banks.
Finest is a financial company That hold hands with entrepreneurs who have a global vision.
Since Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 19-10-2010, in charge until the approval of the Financial Statement 2012-2013, to be released on 30-06-2013
Products and Services
Core business
Finest is not a common financial company: thanks to its core business products and to its advisory skills.
Privilege of subsidies by Italian Law 100/90
By participating in their business with Finest, the Italian investor con obtain the privilege of subsiedies offred by Italian law 100/90.
Economic cooperation
Finest promotes economic cooperation with Countries in East-Central Europe, The Balkans, Russia and the Community of Independent States, Northern Asia, The Baltic States and The Caucasus Region.
The agreement "A Bridge to Russia" signed ...
UniCredit and ZAO UniCredit Bank Russia with Finest and SIMEST  to support the commercial growth ...
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