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FINEST S.p.A., is a finance company and equity partner which, since 1991, takes an active part in promoting the international projects of firms based in North-East Italy towards the neighboring emerging markets of Central Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Russian Fed., CIS Countries and the MED-Countries.

Operating from its offices in Pordenone, Padua and Moscow, FINEST is committed to the task of generating economic value within an area in which it has very strong roots. It provides support to local firms with a marked exporting vocation, that are oriented toward innovation, and that have shown themselves to be key players in terms of quality and research.

As a partner that plans winning strategies for business expansion abroad, FINEST provides increasingly comprehensive and efficacious assistance while acting as a joint investor and as a provider of targeted consultancy and access to institutional support.

Today, the company invested more than 300 million Euros into more than 500 approved deals abroad these past 25 years.


25 years of international operations

more than 500 deals abroad

more than 300 mln Euros allocated

2 bln Euros of generated investments



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