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Equity partner

It holds up to 49% in the share capital of foreign companies created in partnership with Northeast companies


It provides direct financing to the foreign company which, adding to the means invested in the share capital, completes the realization of the investment project

Facilitated finance

It makes Italian financial instruments available to Italian companies for the development of initiatives abroad


Provides consultancy to companies in the Northeast for investment projects and international operations of all kinds, assisting them from the conception phase to the realization phase

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Success stories

Brovedani S.p.A.
Brovedani Group S.p.A.
Our internationalization choices are dictated by the desire to grow the Brovedani Group, so as to make it capable of satisfying our customers for competitiveness and service. The approach with which we developed the project in Slovakia with Finest, therefore, is aimed not at maximizing short-term fruits, but at creating the conditions for our company to become excellent and even more fortified by the fact of belonging to an international Group. We approached Finest primarily because it responds to certain needs, in terms of opportunities. With Finest, we anticipated the 'precipitation' of the ongoing crisis, implementing a strategic plan that looks far ahead.
Benito Zollia
President of Brovedani S.p.A. and Brovedani Group S.p.A.

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