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Equity partner

It holds up to 49% in the share capital of foreign companies created in partnership with Сompanies located in the North-East of Italy.


It provides direct financing to the foreign company which, adding to the means invested in the share capital, completes the realization of the investment project

Facilitated finance

It makes Italian financial instruments available to Italian companies for the development of initiatives abroad


Provides consultancy to companies in the Northeast for investment projects and international operations of all kinds, assisting them from the conception phase to the realization phase

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Energiapura Confsport S.r.l.
Energiapura Confsport S.r.l.
Our company specializes in the production and marketing of high end mid range sportswear items. The sector of affiliation and the policies of business management have determined, since its origins, the international vocation of the company. With the important financial help of FINEST we have managed to build a plant that will allow us to produce and sell our products, and to remain competitive facing aggressive competitors coming from the Far East and facing the challenge of global markets. These are ambitious goals but we know that, with the exception of some markets, the “Made In Italy " is successfully affirmed all over the world.
Alberto Olivetto
Sole director of Energiapura Confsport S. R. L.

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