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Equity partner

It holds up to 49% in the share capital of foreign companies created in partnership with Сompanies located in the North-East of Italy.


It provides direct financing to the foreign company which, adding to the means invested in the share capital, completes the realization of the investment project

Facilitated finance

It makes Italian financial instruments available to Italian companies for the development of initiatives abroad


Provides consultancy to companies in the Northeast for investment projects and international operations of all kinds, assisting them from the conception phase to the realization phase

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Gruppo Eurovo
Eurovo Group
The Eurovo group, active in the organic poultry sector, has long begun an internationalization process aimed at enabling the group to grow in size and market. The operation in Poland, conducted with the financial and advisory support of Finest S. P.A., led to the acquisition of a plant for breeding and production of eggs, aimed at covering the demand of the Polish, German and more generally north European market. This will allow Eurovo to more efficiently serve its large food retail customers in that geographical area and acquire new ones, with significant spillovers for the entire group. Being active on international markets represents, for us, the best bet on the future of our company.
Ireno Lionello
Managing director of Eurovo Group

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