Gruppo San Marco S.p.A.
San Marco Group S.p.A.
Our company specializes in the production and marketing of paints and paint systems for the building industry. Internationalization has been - and still is - a fundamental lever for the growth achieved by the San Marco group in recent years. Our decades of experience with Finest has undoubtedly been very positive: Finest has supported Colorificio San Marco in two important internationalization projects in the Balkans, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. We had the opportunity to appreciate the professionalism, knowledge of the markets and target countries, the dynamism and speed of response of the Finest structure. Finest can respond well to the needs of companies in the North East as it is aligned with their characteristics and needs. We already have a major new initiative in Russia to go with Finest.
Massimiliano Martini
Group Management Control Manager
Brovedani S.p.A.
Brovedani Group S.p.A.
Our internationalization choices are dictated by the desire to grow the Brovedani Group, so as to make it capable of satisfying our customers for competitiveness and service. The approach with which we developed the project in Slovakia with Finest, therefore, is aimed not at maximizing short-term fruits, but at creating the conditions for our company to become excellent and even more fortified by the fact of belonging to an international Group. We approached Finest primarily because it responds to certain needs, in terms of opportunities. With Finest, we anticipated the 'precipitation' of the ongoing crisis, implementing a strategic plan that looks far ahead.
Benito Zollia
President of Brovedani S.p.A. and Brovedani Group S.p.A.