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Core business

Finest is not a common financial company: Finest is a partner in all respects, able to share projects, know-how, entrepreneurial vision and business risk.

Companies that accept the challenge of international markets to grow and increase their market shares often find themselves facing bureaucratic, legal, administrative and relational difficulties. Being able to count on a reliable partner, financially gifted, recognized by local institutions and with over twenty years of experience in emerging markets, can make the difference. The main tools that Finest makes available to companies are:

  • MINORITY HOLDING IN THE SHARE CAPITAL OF THE FOREIGN COMPANY, for a maximum amount equal to 25% of the share capital, which in some cases can rise up to 49%, and for a duration of up to 8 years, with the possibility of reinvestment in new ones company planning;
  • DIRECT FINANCING TO FOREIGN COMPANIES, disbursed directly to the foreign investee company, upon completion of the financial project;
  • SUBSCRIPTION OF BONDS issued by a joint-stock company in the Triveneto area, with the aim of providing financial support to an internationalization project in the countries of Finest competence.

Being participated by Finest means obtaining capital, but also KNOWLEDGE, CONSULTING and a dense network of INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS that can generate further business opportunities.